“You share our passion about the auction, work hard and relentlessly pursued every possible PR lead. Collectively we like to set the new and high standard for Schneider Auctions.”

Josh Bussmann
Schneider Industries, Inc

Auction/Appraisal Division

At BayShore Groups, our Auction and Appraisal Division are leading authorities in industrial asset monetization. We have an extensive database with which we conduct analyses in order to provide accurate, current valuations. BayShore Groups helps clients return working capital into their business by getting them the most for their idle or surplus assets. Our asset appraisal services can also benefit clients working with asset-based lenders or investors.

By performing accurate in-house appraisals and running successful auctions, BayShore Groups ensures clients secure the best possible acquisition and disposition solutions. We have a deep understanding of the supply chain, current market trends and commercial and industrial asset values. In addition, we offer thorough product descriptions and high quality images to help clients with their purchase decisions.


Our team of professionals have extensive experience in report preparation. We consider a number of factors before we prepare our reports, including the age and condition of the assets, current market status, location of the assets, industry trends and the economy.


We have purchased large quantities of equipment from banks, insurance companies, liquidation sales, foreclosures, lease fleet reduction sales, and bankruptcies worldwide.

Global Network

We have garnered an extensive base of buyers and sellers around the globe. With outstanding market value knowledge and an extensive inventory, we can help clients buy or dispose of assets.

Asset Acquisition

Bayshore Groups will work with clients to review their current asset mix and determine their asset requirements. From this collaboration, we will develop a strategy that delivers value. Contact us to learn more.

Asset Disposition

BayShore Groups will review your assets and recommend the best disposition solution.

1) Auction
A BayShore Groups affiliated professional auctioneer conducts each auction and focuses on securing the highest possible value for client assets. One of our representatives oversees asset removal according to project timelines. They also ensure that the property is left in the appropriate condition.

2) Online Auction
Many auctions now run online, please visit:

3) Private Sale
In the event that the assets are part of a more specialized market or where a more discreet method of sale is preferred, a BayShore Groups representative can conduct negotiations on an individual basis.

Contact us to learn more.


With such an extensive global database, BayShore Groups can meet buyer and seller requirements alike.


BayShore Groups can often fulfill buyer requirements from our large inventory of assets.


With in-house expertise, BayShore Groups accurately values assets to deliver the best possible returns.


BayShore Groups helps clients realize the best possible return for their industrial assets.


  • Rome was the first nation to license auctioneers.
  • Over one quarter trillion dollars in assets are sold at auction every year in the U.S.A. This doesn’t include the millions of individuals who sell and buy their personal effects on eBay and other online sites.
  • While eBay has been associated with auctions generally, today over 70% of eBay sales are linked to “New/Buy It Now” shopping.
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