“BayShore Groups crew were top notch, very professional, respected all our requirements for safety, work procedures and cleanliness.”

Darren Chapman
National Rigging and Transportation Ltd

Mechanical Division

Mechanical parts or machinery are involved in most demolition and construction projects and involve the skills of a mechanical contractor. BayShore Groups Mechanical division has become a global force within the controlled demolition and dismantling sectors. We service decommissioning, fabrication plus logistics needs and support health and safety requirements.

BayShore Groups Mechanical minimizes disruption to your business when working in active plants and we do so with the least environmental impact to your community in compliance with international health, safety and environmental standards.


Intelligent decommissioning solutions help clients maximize the residual value of their plant and property assets. Bayshore Groups provides decommissioning of electrical components, mechanical equipment and hydraulics, as well as the removal of rigging. We have the skills to undertake and execute the most complex of projects.


BayShore Groups Mechanical Division has skilled welding, prototype engineering, project management and installation contractors.


BayShore Groups logistics professionals have global presence with access to air and ocean transportation services, North American trucking services, packaging/skidding/loading and customs brokerage capabilities. Our import and export consolidation system provides efficient equipment routing and tracking.

Health and Safety

BayShore Groups Mechanical division team holds the necessary health and safety certifications, can carry out inspections, create and follow emergency awareness procedures and manage loss prevention.


BayShore Groups top-notch strategic planning skills ensure project success.


BayShore Groups decommissioning, fabrication and logistics expertise help clients succeed in attaining their project goals.


Communication and collaboration are hallmarks of our service. Dedicated team members are available 24/7 to address any situation.


We stand by our work. BayShore Groups guarantees that all delivery criteria are met.


  • In 1901, Spanish engineer Leonardo Torres y Quevedo began work on the development of a remote control device to test airships without risking human lives.
  • His 1903 prototype was patented under the name Telekine.
  • This term came from the two Greek words: ‘tele’ meaning far away or in the distance and ‘kine’ meaning movement or force, resulting in movement at a distance.
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