Real Estate/Development Division

It is a multi-faceted business that involves one or more coordinated activities, such as:

  • The purchase of raw land
  • Acquisition of properties plus buildings and assets
  • Decommissioning or demolition to broom-swept condition
  • Community planning and/or zoning
  • Construction
  • Leasing management of office, retail or residential
  • Development and management of mixed-use residential communities, industrial parks, office complexes or big box commercial plazas

Real Estate/Development

To succeed in Real Estate And Property Development, it is essential to have a partner with:

  1. A keen eye for location
  2. The qualifications to provide accurate market valuations, broker a sale or represent a purchaser
  3. An understanding of community dynamics, traffic patterns and land use
  4. The ability to analyze environmental factors and address any potential remediation requirements
  5. A talent for site analysis, planning and future growth considerations
  6. A strong working relationship with municipalities, regional and provincial bodies
  7. A talent for negotiating tax, insurance or utility incentives
  8. And a highly skilled labour pool

The closely integrated operating divisions at BayShore Groups meet the above eight criteria. We help clients succeed at every stage of the real estate development life cycle – whether residential, industrial or commercial. Our network of building, railway design, site, civil and environmental engineers, architects, tradesmen, foremen and more can optimize the development of any parcel or master plan, design and build anything from an industrial park to a major distribution center.

Real Estate Types