Third Party Logistics Division

Do what you do best and leave the rest to us! BayShore Groups can be a vital part of your supply chain management, as an industry leading third-party logistics provider.

Why BayShore Groups 3PL?

Because we’re reliable and adaptable to customers’ changing needs. Our integrated approach to warehousing, fulfillment and transportation includes storage, picking/packing and long haul shipping by road, rail, sea or air plus many other 3PL services that save you money. With up-to-date equipment, agile systems and geographic flexibility, BayShore Groups can fulfill your logistics’ requirements more quickly and cost-effectively, freeing up your time and resources, so that you can focus on your core business.

third party logistics

Facility Description

Location: Belleville south of Hwy 401 in the heart of the northeast industrial park. Centrally located between Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto with over half of North America’s major cities within a days drive.

Benefits: Belleville’s communication infrastructure is advanced with digital switching and fiber optic cabling. The low rate of unionization of its 120,000+ skilled labour force means that employers may enjoy some of the most competitive wages in the country.

Services: Full 3PL and complete quality assurance

Property: 22.89 acres (997,088 square feExxon - Bellevilleet)










Total Gross Floor Area: 220,837 square feet

Warehouse Area: ~198,837 square feet

Office Area: ~22,000 square feet (front of building and on mezzanine level)

Ceiling Heights: Seven heights ranging from twenty-six to thirty-six feet

Loading: Eleven dock level doors and three drive-in level doors

Age: 1969 with additions in 1980, 1985, 1989 and 1993


  • Interior and exterior space
  • Full municipal services
  • Heavy-duty sprinkler system distributed throughout entire facility providing advanced fire protection
  • Paved driveway surrounding entire facility
  • Ample on-site parking, common
  • Several drive-through openings that interconnect various warehousing areas.
  • 5,600 square foot unheated metal clad storage shed and outdoor storage space
  • Fully functional 700-foot long rail spur with 8 resin silos and 11 in-plant use bins
  • Set back from University Avenue toward the back half of the site leaving an extensive grassed area at the front.
  • Several male and female washrooms

Silo and Spur System 1

  • Features 8 silos, each with a total volume of 214 cubic meters or 7557.42 cubic feet for a grand total of 60,459.36 cubic feet or 1,712 cubic meters
  • Full rail unload and transfer system to convey material from rail car to silo and from the silos to 11 in-plant use bins, each measuring seven feet high
  • Originally designed to convey food-grade virgin polypropylene pellets weighing 29lbs/cubic foot
  • Can be modified to convey other kinds of raw materials
  • Conveys at a rate of 40,000 lbs./hour through a 6-inch schedule 10 conveying line over the following maximum distances by vacuum: 300ft horizontal 10ft vertical through 6-90 degrees elbows and 35ft of flexible metal hose
  • Can also convey at a rate of 20,000lbs/hour through a 5-inch schedule 10 conveying line over the following maximum distances by pressure: 420ft horizontal 50ft vertical through 7-90 degree elbows.