About Us

BayShore Groups is your single source, global provider for end-to-end turnkey solutions in real property acquisition, rehabilitation, redevelopment and sale.

Founded in 1979, we have earned a solid reputation for handling and solving challenges, while expertly fulfilling client requirements in all aspects of plant build, renovation or design, asset management, equipment sales, decommissioning, demolition, salvage projects and more.

Whether your goals relate to business expansion, restructuring, streamlining or closure – BayShore Groups can help meet your desired schedule and financial targets in an environmentally and civically responsible manner.

Our headquarters are strategically located near the Canada/USA border in St. Catharines, Ontario. The location is convenient to multiple border crossings and is accessible by road, rail, water and air. We also have corporate offices in the USA, Hungary and the Philippines. Our European division owns a 40-acre storage facility, which provides significant space for long- and short-term storage and we have a 54-acre property in St. Catharines and a 200,000 square foot+ facility in Belleville, Ontario.

Why BayShore Groups?

It’s a simple decision when you consider the benefits of our integrated approach.

  1. Time and Space: A single supplier will save you time and lead to a faster closing, resulting in a great return on investment.
  2. Guaranteed Value: Selling to a single buyer who can also handle the sale of assets and any necessary facility remediation ensures the highest possible selling price.
  3. Accelerated Payment Cycle: One payment for all assets on terms of closing provides a more streamlined process that delivers true value to clients.
  4. Greater Closing Certainty: A single provider simplifies financing.
  5. Lower Closing Costs: The streamlined approach of a vertically integrated company to handle every detail means just one legal counsel and one contract and that equals lower closing costs.
  6. Removal of Operating Risk: Operating costs associated with large-scale projects can escalate rapidly. BayShore Groups assume the liability of security, taxes, hydro and other variables, reducing the vendor’s monthly burden.
  7. Environmental/HAZMAT Compliance: Our internal environmental division reduces the risk of future environmental liability following industry best practices and compliance protocols for the assessment, demolition, abatement and remediation of affected properties.
  8. Cleaner Balance Sheet: BayShore Groups can inject capital into a client’s balance sheet, improving their debt/equity ratio.

Guiding Principles

BayShore Groups strives to deliver sustainable solutions that profit our clients and their communities in collaboration with public and private stakeholders.

We will do so by:

  1. Serving as the conduit between innovative solutions, market demand and public policy.
  2. Fostering long-term relationships built on integrity and trust.
  3. Understanding and responding to individual needs.
  4. Delivering consistent and reliable service in a timely and cost-effective way.